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MA programme in Translation and Interpretation (German) which entitles the graduate to public authorisation as an official translator and interpreter. Graduated 1997. I selected a technical area as the subject in my final dissertation. Title:

A description of making plastic products with special reference to the moulding technique and a compilation of a Danish/German-German/Danish word list over the technical terms of this particular area.

Permanently employed as a German translator at PHOENIX CONTACT A/S, the Danish subsidiary of the German company PHOENIX CONTACT GmbH, a company specialized in electric and electronic automation technology. The spectrum of products ranges from the modular terminal block to interface technology, the connection system for printed circuit boards, and devices and solutions for surge voltage protection, down to the open field bus and sensor/actuator bus system INTERBUS. The work exclusively consists of translating company catalogues, brochures, flyers, press releases, software manuals, computer programmes and so on mainly from German to Danish as well as proofreading the written materials of the company and setting up and keeping up term databases.

In 2000 I also started my own independent business as an official translator and interpreter of the German language. I do all sorts of translations, but mainly technical, that is electronics, automation, machinery, software, IT from German to Danish, Danish to German and English to Danish.


German to Danish, Danish to German, English to Danish

Specialist subject areas:

Electronics, automation, IT (systems), Machinery and tools, hardware, software, Hifi

Professional experience:

Permanent full time job as a translator at an engineering company since 1998 + many years of experience as a freelance-translator of many different types of translations.

Professional courses:

MA programme in Translation and Interpretation (German) at Copenhagen Business School and business correspondent in English.

Working method:

  • Trados
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Microsoft Office
  • Laser printer
  • Fax


Translation German/Danish and Danish/German:

Translation English/Danish: